At Austruss there’s nothing we like better than to look at construction problems and develop a way to build smarter. As a business, we’re an unusual mix because we love building and we love the control and efficiency manufacturing can offer. 

Austruss first emerged as a manufacturer of prefabricated steel frame structures to the commercial construction market in 2003, and has developed into the largest supplier of steel frames and developer of offsite modular building elements such as pods, data skids, lift shafts, stairwells, wall and floor cassettes.

Our offsite solutions assist our clients in overcoming ever increasing construction challenges faced on a daily basis such as: increasing site costs, complex DA requirements, work flow restrictions such as limited work and noise hours, reduced access for trucking movements, limited parking for site workers, maintain living and working standards around the construction sites for residents, increasing lead times on material, and rising costs of skilled labour, to name a few.