CSIRO Clean Lab - Narrabri, NSW

Regional sites can benefit from a DFMA approach to deliver complex building typologies with certainty and quality.

CSIRO required a new Clean Lab for their research centre on a leased site at Narrabri. Some of the specific complexities of the project included:

  • laboratory conditions required building to be air tight

  • laboratory conditions required floor to have extremely low vibration tolerance

  • wall panels up to 6m high required a custom solution for transport and delivery

  • the building needed to be easily removed from leased site at the end of lease

Finished building below

Working as sub contractors to FKG Group, Austruss' scope of work included:

  • prefabricated floor system

  • prefabricated light gauge steel wall frames

  • prefabricated facade panels

  • prefabricated roof panels

These elements were all prefabricated in the Austruss facility and transported to site for installation with specialised systems designed to facilitate transport of the prefabricated kit of parts.

Key benefits offered by Austruss were:

  • limited preliminary site costs, truck movements, disruption, waste and numbers of trades on site due to most of the prefabrication work happening offsite

  • accelerated project timeline due to parrallel procurement

  • prefabrication allowed certainty and control of build quality

See below for a timeline of installation of the prefabricated kit of parts on site.

Loaded up at the Austruss facility ready for the 630km trip to site

Day 1 - mid morning

Day 2 - mid morning

Day 3 - first facade panels installed

Facade panels - 1 installed every 10 minutes

Day 3 - 3pm

Day 4

Day 4 - evening roof install

Day 5 - mid morning

Day 6

Completed building

Click on the image below to link to more photos of the finished laboratory on FKG's website