Macarthur Private Hospital - Campbelltown

A tight site and timeframe of 5 months required Design for Manufacture and Assembly innovations with our clients, Erilyan, to achieve this Private Hospital adjacent an operational health facility.


  • maintain adjacent fully operational health facility during the build phase

  • low impact on hospital in terms of operations and access

  • low noise and low dust impact on adjacent health facility

  • maintain carpark as fully operational after build

  • complete within 5 months


  • composite form work system

  • form work floor cassettes - hybrid of steel floor joists with suspended concrete over to support 3Kpa live loads

  • bathroom pods

  • internal wall frames & roof trusses

  • load bearing external wall panels - pre manufactured and clad offsite in Austruss offsite facility - (fully fire rated with paint finish)


  • speed of construction for new building

  • low impact on adjacent operational health facility

  • low impact construction process (limited trades, tools, noise and dust on site)

  • low impact because of reduced transport movements

  • less trades to co-ordinate

  • less waste with off site procurement

  • no back propping was required during concrete pour and post pour due to structural integrity of structure

  • able to use car park as the staging area, ie, not filled with back propping as part of construction process

  • no perimeter scaffold required due to facade panels acting as handrail (note 1st floor deck is 8m above ground level

Watch the video our client, Erilyan, produced for this project at completion

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