Modular staff amenities for Bulk Cargo facility

How do you keep a construction program moving during a pandemic that is closing construction sites across the state? The answer - modular prefabrication.

A bulk cargo facilty in Newcastle, NSW, Australia needed staff amenities including site offices, bathrooms and lunchrooms. The construction program was occuring at the height of many of the Covid lockdowns, causing uncertainty about construction site closures. It made best sense for the amenity blocks to be constructed off site as prefabricated modular buildings in Austruss' facility in the Southern Highlands whilst all of the civil works were happening on site in Newcastle.

Key DfMA benefits offered by Austruss were:

  • construction program of staff facilities was unaffected by Covid construction site restrictions

  • stockpiling of materials and fixtures in the Austruss factory ensured no delays caused by supply issues during Covid

  • prefabrication within a controlled environment meant no delays due to weather

  • prefabrication allowed easier co-ordination of trades to respond to Covid restrictions in a factory environment

  • DfMA limited preliminary site costs, truck movements, waste and numbers of trades on site

See below for progress photos of the prefabrication, transportation and installation of these modular buildings.

Framing the modular buildings in Austruss' factory - floor system with sheeting, walls and roof panels

Insulating the modular buildings and fitting doors and windows in Austruss' factory

Loading the completed modular buildings for transportation in the Austruss factory

Finished images of the prefabricated modules

Installed onsite with deck, handrails, awnings, ramps and stairs