Smalls Road School - Ryde

School design is reaching new levels of creativity and construction, and at Austruss, we love to play our part by developing Design For Manufacture And Assembly (DfMA) options to help the project team reach time and cost milestones. Smalls Road School at Ryde was designed by Conrad Gargett, and delivered by Richard Crookes Constructions. Austruss provided a full design and construct package for wall and roof framing to the top level.

Watch the 10 News bulletin covering the opening of the school for Term 1, 2020 here:


Austruss employed Design For Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) methodologies to respond to a compressed build time. Utilising a concurrent procurement approach, Austruss' designed a panelised framing system that allowed building works, slabs and structure to be constructed on site whilst the wall and roof framing was being fabricated offsite in the Austruss facility. The roof framing was designed to be installed in large panels that would be craned into position when base building works were ready, and wall framing was fabricated in panels to speed up installation time.

An added bonus of this approach was increased safety for workers because the roof panels were fabricated at ground level and then craned into place requiring minimal man power, rather than having teams of tradespeople working three storeys above ground, and in some cases, over a three storey void.


The DfMA methodology was: 1. roof framing designed and documented by Austruss

2. assembled on the factory floor of Austruss facility

3. dissembled and transported to site

4. reassembled on the site on nearby ground or on the slab adjacent the final location

5. lifted by crane into position

6. fitted off

Austruss fitted off 2500 m2 of roof area in 4 days of lifting.

This project has been included in the Truecore Hall of Fame - see the online case study here, or download a pdf of the Truecore case study here.