Austruss have been leaders in prefabrication since 2003 when we started prefabricating steel frames and trusses. Since then, we have evolved to offer a range of prefabricated components using DFMA methodology.




To us, good building is about learning from traditional building wisdom, then rethinking it using technology, manufacturing, design and creative thinking. See what we can offer in these case studies of recent projects.
We believe the Australian construction industry needs to evolve. 
At Austruss there’s nothing we like better than to look at the structure of a building and to develop a way to build it smarter. As a business, we’re an unusual mix because we love building and we love the control and efficiency manufacturing can offer. We think that when you bring the two together, there are beautiful efficiencies to be had from a sustainability, time, and quality point of view. We have proven that the marriage of construction and off-site manufacturing leads to innovation and better results.