We want to be the most innovative company in the Australian building industry.

Established in 2003 by Andrew Fowler and his team, Austruss first emerged as a frames and trusses business, and has since grown to become the team builders turn to when they need a custom solution that can speed up critical path milestone and offer budget savings without compromising quality. 

We want to be the future of construction - we've already started!


We believe the Australian construction industry needs to evolve. 

At Austruss there’s nothing we like better than to look at the structure of a building and to develop a way to build it smarter. As a business, we’re an unusual mix because we love building and we love the control and efficiency manufacturing can offer. We think that when you bring the two together, there are beautiful efficiencies to be had from a sustainability, time, and quality point of view. We have proven that the marriage of construction and off-site manufacturing leads to innovation and better results.

Andrew Fowler - Managing Director
Lisa Fowler - Financial Controller


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